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One Year Birthday for RMG Launch!

It's the official one year opening RMG! Here's a pic of me a few weeks ago with most packages I've ever sent out in a day! but I actually broke that record the following week not pictured* oops*

I started about a month or 2 last year before designing and developing everything from the logo to straps, packaging, and the website. But officially launched today according to my IG posts. So here we are a year today and 40+ guitar straps sold, Shipped across the world and counting. Some as far as United Kingdom and Germany. I've made a little fun map of where they all have gone if you want to check that out and see if there's one near you!

I just wanna thank all of you who have bought a guitar strap, guitar cable(s) (newly added*) and supported my lil music business this past year. Thanks to all of the friends and fam behind the scenes that helped with RMG. Rockit strap models. Alli Haston, Logan Azevedo, Kelsee Smith, and Chloe Beachler. (pics from left to right)

IG @haleypowersmusic

Haley Powers (guitarist/blogger for modeling my guitar straps and sharing the love of them on her page.

Pic of Haley And I in Nashville this Summer!

(very rare photo of Grant and I in non holey attire)

VP of my tiny company Grant Mickelson who helped with the early stages of RMG way before it's name/naming RMG and always to give his standpoint on any products before releasing them.

Dean Gatewood for selling my guitar straps at his custom guitar workshop ("Dean Gatewood custom guitars" here in Modesto) and All of the friends and family that have shared any piece of RMG on your socials.

I've got new exciting products coming for this upcoming year. I hope to send to all 50 states. So far I'm at 14 states outta 50. I don't want to give to much away or say to much here other than thank you! Cause I'll do a full end of year review December 31! So with that being said if you have any pictures with your Rockit strap or cables, Tag us and use the hashtag #rockitmusicgear to make the year end review! I'll post another reminder when it gets closer!

Also I am not a professional blogger/writer nor claim to be.


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