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Year end recap 2019

This is just a BIG THANK YOU too all of you who have supported RMG in anyway this year! I have sold over 200+ straps this year and they are now living on the backs of musicians all over the world. I'm going to have to seriously sit down to see if I've nailed all 50 states. Things got a little crazy.

So 200 straps =

400 leather ends cut.

1000 holes punched

400 rivets

1000 feet of straps and sparkly material. Woah.

We've added quite a few people to the team this year! You know who you are! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also if anyone is interested in who's are artists check out our section on our website! Great range of guitarists and musicians up on the site!

A few highlights

We did a few events this year, ModShop, Modstock, Blue Monday and I'm sure plenty more next year! Locally we sponsored Triple D, Not All Right, Bangarang and VMIRocks for a few events. Sent Kacey Musgraves a strap.

Melanie Dyer rocked our gear at CMC Rocks in Australia

Daniel Donato used his RMG strap on his tour this year and you can see it all over our both our IG pages.

Guitarist Jack Barksadale repped RMG in Texas

Haley powers was added from Nashville

Lots of local Musician rocked our gear as well.

Doug Robinet and Doc Rock from Triple D, Zoe and Edie Leach from Not All Right, Brett Delmas and Kevin MacEgan from Bangarang, and Chris Murphy from 3rd party rocked a Modstock strap this year!

We are going to be at NAMM 2020 this upcoming year! Goodnight, Sunrise will be Rockin' some cool gear! Looking forward to this upcoming year for RMG! Enjoy these photos from this past year and against hank you again to anyone who has supported this year

Some college recaps of super cool shots all way from Australia to Nashville to California and then some!

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